Pledge Reporting

There are a variety of ways to get information regarding pledges and pledgers.

Pledges Page

All pledges can be seen on the Pledges page (Finance > Search > Pledges). You can set filters and export from that page.

The information included on that page is:

  • Date (of pledge)

  • Name of pledger

  • Fund (Name)

  • Pledge (Amount)

  • Pledge Total

  • (Amount) Contributed

  • Balance

There is also a way on that page to either delete or edit a person’s pledge.


The information included on the pledge export is:

  • Date (of pledge)

  • People Id

  • First Name

  • Last Name

  • (Pledge) Id

  • Online

  • Fund Id

  • Fund (Name)

  • (Pledge) Amount

  • (Pledge) Total

  • (Amount) Contributed

  • Balance

By adding Pledge Export to the Content KeyWords, those additional reports will be added as an options under the Export drop down.

Comparison Graph

Additionally, there is a graph available on the Pledges page. This graph uses the same filters.

The information included on the graph is: - Goal (if there is a Pledge Goal set on that fund) - Pledged - the total amount pledged to that fund based on filters - Given - the total amount given to that fund based in filters

You can hover over the goal line, pledge amount and given amount for more details.

If you click on the graph for each fund, it will provide you with the Pledge Fulfillment Report for that fund.


Available pledge related reports are found under (Finance > Reports).

Search Builder

There are several pledge related search builder conditions.

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