App Features

Feed (Main Screen) Items


After logging into the app, the user will be taken to their personalized feed page where they will see a variety of feed items

Feed Items


  1. Alerts can be created for different purposes, for example, a cancellation or power outage, and any alert you feel needs to be made during a crucial moment.

  2. Alerts will populate boxed in yellow at the top of the feed which will stand out and be visible first.


  1. Messages will populate in the feed with text including a title and description.

  2. They can also have an action button tied to it pointing to a Registration, Resource, or Weblink.

  3. You have the option to view them individually or view them all on a list view by swiping left and selecting notifications.

Channel Posts

  1. See the posts made by leaders of the channels you follow.

  2. You can also choose to Like, Comment, Unfollow or Report a post.

Personal Posts

  1. View the posts of those you follow.

  2. You can also choose to Like, Comment, Unfollow or Report a post.


  1. View the prayers that have been created on your feed.

  2. Pray by pressing and holding down the Pray for this button.

People to Follow

  1. See a list of possible people that you can follow.

  2. After following a person, you can also choose to Like, Comment, Unfollow or Report any of their posts.


  1. See a list of channels you can choose to follow.

  2. When you choose to follow the channel, you can view the posts from that channel and depending on the setting you can see the leaders and followers of the channel.


  1. Here you can view all the events that are available to sign up for, filter the listing by category and click on a listing to view more details.

Questions - Coming Soon


After logging in, you are taken to the feed page where you can access your profile page through the icon in the upper left corner.

Profile Items


  1. This is where a user can view and update their photo, personal information and contact information, including address. They can also view their family members and related families.

  2. This view is the same view used in the directories, however what a person is able to see about other people will be limited by the directory settings and/or a person’s privacy settings.


  1. This is where a user will see all the active involvements in which they are currently enrolled. Any involvement types marked as not visible or if the involvement does not have an involvment type assigned to it, they will not show on this page. For more information on how to select which involvement types will Show In Mobile, please view our documentation page

  2. The involvement photo (if present), name and list of leaders will be shown here.

  3. Additional actions (coming in a later version) will be available here to do things like take attendance, view the classroom dashboard and more.


  1. Leaders take attendance under their involvements by tapping the Attendance button.

  2. After pressing the attendance button, the available meeting dates will populate at the bottom where you can press the meeting date and take attendance for that meeting.

On the meeting page you have a variety of options:

  • Tapping the empty circle to the right of the individual will add a green check mark which marks them as attending.

  • Out to the right of the meeting, pressing the ellipsis will give you the opton to Edit Head Count and update Meeting Status.

  • You have the ability to search the list on individuals in the meeting by using the search bar. Pressing the + out to the right of the search bar will open a new menu.

  • After pressing the + you are taken to the new page with the following options:

  1. Search the list of names.

  2. Press the + to add the individual as a guest to the meeting.

  3. Press the Add New Person button to add any individuals that do not have a record and will be added as a guest.

Attendance Setup

Turning on the Attendance option is done under Admin > Communication > Mobile App > Settings > Features > Involvements > Enable Attendance for Leaders

We are currently working on some additional options that you will see under that setting and we will update this information when these have been finalized and released.

Additional Setup Steps for involvement leaders to take attendance:

  1. The Leader must have the Member Type/Attendance Type of Leader. This is found under Admin > Advanced > Lookup Codes > Involvements > Member Types

  2. The Involvement Type must be first marked as Show in the app then to have the ability to take attendance the Attendance box must also be marked. This is found under Admin > Advanced > Lookup Codes > Involvements > Involvement Type


  1. Users will be able to view the posts that they have made from the Posts tab.

  2. You also can Like, Edit, or Delete any of the previous posts.


  1. View the prayers you have made from the Prayers tab.


  1. View all the Channels you follow.

  2. You can choose to unfollow a channel at any time.

  3. If you click on a channel, you’ll be able to see the posts from the channel, depending on the settings the leaders and followers of the channel have chosen.

  4. If you are a leader of the channel, you’ll have an option to create a post on behalf of the channel on this page.


  1. From the People tab you can search for new people to follow and see who you are currently following.


  1. View the Badges and engagement score tied to an individual under the Badges tab. For more information on how to create Badges, please view our documentation page

Menu Options

  1. Save Contact - Downloads the person’s contact information to your device and saves it to your contacts.

  2. Add Task - Creates a task about the person.

  3. Add Note - Creates a note about the person.

Edit Profile

  1. Edit Profile Photo - Add or edit the profile photo.

  2. Edit Personal - Add or edit personal information on your user record.

  3. Edit Contact - Add or edit contact information on your user record.

  4. Edit Address - Add or edit your primary address.


Coming Soon

Tasks & Notes

Creating Tasks and Notes

Staff have the abililty to create Tasks and Notes easily through the app. This is done by using the Directory Search and then accessing the individual’s profile page. From the profile page in the upper right corner you click the horizontal dots icon to create a Task or Note about the individual.

After selecting Add Task or Add Note the options screen will show at the bottom where you can create the Task or Note. The options will be identical to what is available on the web.

  • Task Details

  • Keywords

  • Assignee

  • Due Date

  • Limit Access Role


When entering a Task or Note, you can use the Dictation feature on your device to add the text to the Task and Notes Details section.

Viewing Tasks and Notes

Staff have the ability to view individual’s completed Tasks and Notes through their profile. This is done by using the Directory Search and then accessing the individual’s profile page. Next, select the Touchpoints tab to see their Tasks and Notes. Pressing the creator’s name on the Task or Note will take you to their profile page.

Managing Open Tasks

Staff have the ability to manage their open Tasks from their profile. This is done by swiping left in the app where the My Tasks option is found in the Menu options.

This will take the user to their open tasks page where they are organized by status and can decide which steps to take. There are actions depending on the status of the tasks which are selected by tapping the 3 horizontal dots out to the right of the task.

All - All open tasks you can choose to Accept, Complete, or Decline

Accepted - Accepted tasks which have green highlight for user to Complete or Decline

Pending - Pending tasks which have a orange highlight for user to Accept or Decline

Declined - Declined tasks which had red highlight for user to Complete or Accept


Creating Banners

Banners are created in your database under Admin > Communication > Mobile App > Banners. You create a new Banner by clicking the green + Banner button. Once they are created, you can Edit or Delete them through the icons on the right.

Banner Options

When creating Banners, there are various options that you can choose to use to make the banners function best for their desired purpose.

Banner Name - Name the banner

Title - The the title of the page that the link is directed to

Banner Image - Add a banner image

Start Date - Start date to begin showing banner in app

End Date - End date to stop showing banner in app

Link - Direct banner to a specific url

Display Order - Choose the order you want your banners to show in the app

Status Flags - Restrict banner visibility to a status flag

Home Church - Restrict banner visiblity to a campus

Request Account Deletion


Apple and Google now require that all mobile apps provide an end user the option to request an account deletion.

This feature has been added to the Main Menu which is accessed by clicking the hamburger menu in the upper right corner or by swiping left and is found under Manage and Settings where you will see the Request Account Deletion option under the General section.

When they select this option, they will see a popup asking Are you sure? This will notify a member of the church staff that you'd like your account to be deleted where they can Cancel or Confirm this action.

Pressing the Confirm button will create a Task for the New People Manager with the Account Deletion Requested keyword attached. From here it is the responsibility of the New People Manager to handle or assign this request.

Task Details

  • Created date: The day the button is clicked

  • Owner: New People Manager

  • About: The person clicking the button

  • Task: This user has requested their account to be deleted. Please reach out to the user if necessary and take the appropriate steps.

  • Due date: None

  • Keyword: Account Deletion Requested

  • Limit to role: None


Users can also request account deletion on the web side which is found in the database under Admin > Communication > Mobile App > Request Account Deletion

Deleting the Account

When a user is asking to have their TouchPoint user account deleted, there are a few steps you should follow. First, we recommend that an admin at the church follow up with the user to let them know what will happen if their account is removed (i.e. giving history is no longer tracked to them, dropped from membership, any events or groups they are registered for will disappear, etc.).

If the user opts to continue with the deletion, then we recommend one of these 3 secondary paths for the church to keep historical data:

  1. Merge the record with an “anonymous user” so that any historical data gets moved to this user and is not “lost” from the system but can no longer be traced back to the person.

  2. Create a new “anonymous user” with a number and merge the person into this record. You can optionally choose to record the history of these individuals offline and track it to the person in the case that they don’t want to lose data that is very specific to a person.

  3. Instead of deleting or merging their record, you can delete the person’s user account and then update their record so that they can no longer log in (remove their phone numbers and email addresses). This way technically does not meet Apple’s account deletion process since the users information would be available in the change log and it could be reserved. However, if the user is OK with this option, then it would be acceptable.

Latest Update


Added info about requesting account deletion