Assigning Divisions

Each Organization must belong (or be assigned) to at least one Division, but can be associated with multiple Divisions. A user must have either Org Tagger or Admin role in order to assign Divisions to organizations using the Management View tab on Organization > Search / Manage. However, any user with Edit can assign / manage Divisions for an individual organization.

Main Division

Whenever you see an organization in a list or in a tool-tip, the Division that is displayed is what we call the Main Division. This is also the Division that prints on roll sheets and other reports/exports.

The Programs and Divisions section on the organization page will display all of the organization’s Programs and Divisions. The Division at the top of the list is the Main Division.


Every organization needs to be assigned a Main Division.

Single Organization

A user with both Access and Edit roles can manage Divisions for one organization at a time.

Step 1
Go to the organization and click the Programs & Divisions link under the header Programs & Divisions.
Step 2

Select the Program / Division you want and click OK. If that Division should be the Main Division for that organization, be sure to select Move to Top.

If the organization no longer should be in the other Division, uncheck the box beside it.

Multiple Organizations

A user must have Access role plus Org Tagger in order to make these changes for multiple organizations. An Admin user can also manage Divisions for multiple organizations.

Step 1
Go to Organization > Search / Manage from the main menu.
Step 2
Filter for the Organizations that you want to manage.
Step 3
Select the Management View tab, and then select the Target Program and Target Division.
Step 4

Click the green Add button beside each org you wish to add to that Program / Division.

After clicking Add, click the Make Main button to assign that Division as the main one for that organization.


Add and Remove are actions. You are either adding to or removing from the Target Division. Also, every org should have a Main Division.

See a short video demonstration of creating a new Division and assigning organizations to that Division.

You will want to read more about Programs / Divisions / Organizations and how they work together.

Organization Types

You can use this same Management View to assign Org Types to multiple Organizations. Follow the steps above to find the correct set of orgs. Then select the Target Type and click the Apply to Filtered List button.