Programs, Divisions, and Involvements

Involvements are one of the most heavy-duty components in TouchPoint. Involvements are in Divisions and Divisions are in Programs.

We have an entire article about Involvements, and another article with examples of the hierarchy between Programs/Divisions/Involvements.


Programs contain Divisions.

A Program is a broad identifier of types of ministries and their activities. It is not used to categorize groups of people based on age of stage of life.

For example:

  • Bible Study

  • Missions

  • Music

  • Recreation

  • Worship


Divisions contain Involvements.

One way to think about Divisions:

  • A Division can be based on the age or stage of life of the people in those specific Involvements in the Division.

  • Having Divisions makes it easier to run certain searches for communication - that is, to target the right people.

  • Divisions also make it easier for on-line registrations in which the registrant can select an Involvement from a list.

  • Certain reports are run by Division.

  • Divisions just add a layer of flexibility to your data.


You can put all of your t-shirts, socks and shorts in one drawer if you don’t have very many. However, if you have a lot of each item, you will have to rummage around looking under your shorts and socks in order to find that special t-shirt. In that case, you would be better served if you had separate drawers for each item: one drawer for socks, one for t-shirts, and one for shorts. Each drawer has many items, but they all have something in common.

In this analogy, a chest of drawers represents a Program. It can have several/many drawers, which represent Divisions. Inside each drawer are many items, which represent Involvements.

So, if you have a few Involvements, they will fit just fine in the same Program/Division (drawer). If you have more than several Involvements, you probably need separate Programs/Divisions to help you find/manage them.

By ‘find’ I am referring not only to finding Involvements on the Involvements > Search/Manage page, but also to finding the members or those Involvements in Search Builder. Search Builder is the go-to place when you want to find the members or visitors of just certain types of Involvements. For example, you might look for everyone who is enrolled in or has visited an Adult Life Group.

To recap: It’s not just about finding the right Involvements; it’s also about finding the right set of people based on the Involvements in which they are enrolled or are attending. By having Divisions, you can select the appropriate Program and Division when building your search in Search Builder.

Create a New Program

Only the user with the Admin role can create a Program.

Step 1

Go to Administration > Involvements > Programs

Step 2

Click the green +Add Program button. This will create the new Program (named ‘new program’) and assign it a Program ID #.

The page will scroll to the new Program and the row will become orange for just a couple of seconds.
Step 3

Click in the field where you see new program, click the small x to clear the field, and then enter the name of the new Program (example: Life Groups).

Click the check mark in the blue box to accept it.


The other 3 columns/fields are only used when setting up the Week at a Glance report.

Create a New Division

Only a person with Admin role can create a Division using the method below. However, we have another method for creating new Divisions, and a user with the OrgTagger role can use that.

Step 1

Go to Administration > Involvements > Divisions

Step 2

Select the Filter for Program and select the Program where you want the new Division.

Then select the Target Program and select the same Program.

Click the green +Add Division button. This will create the new Division (named ‘new division’) and assign it a Division ID #.

The page will scroll to the new Division and the row will become orange for just a couple of seconds.

Step 3

Click where you see the text new division, click the small x to clear the field, and then enter the name of the new Division (example: Adult 1).

Click the check mark in the blue box to accept it.


The Report Line and No Zero fields are used with the Week at a Glance Report.

Changing Programs for a Division

On the same page as above, you can select one Program from the Filter to display all Divisions in that Program. And then select a different Program as the Target.

Click the Add link in order to add the Division to the Target Program. Click Make Main in order to make that Program the Main Program for that Division.

If you want to remove the Division from the original Program select it as the Target Program. Click the Remove link.

Assign Involvements to a Division

A user with either OrgTagger or Admin roles can do this.

Main Division

Whenever you see an Involvement in a list or in a tool-tip, the Division that is displayed is what we call the Main Division. This is also the Division that prints on roll sheets and other reports/exports.

On an Involvement’s page you can not only see at a glance all the Divisions for an Involvement, but also to change which one is the Main Division or add the Involvement to another Division.

Go to an Involvement and look at the header – that’s the section on the Involvement page that gives the basic information about that Involvement, such as the Name, Schedule, Divisions, and Location. Notice the section named Programs & Divisions. There you will see all of the Divisions that this Involvement is in. The Division at the top of the list is the Main Division

Set the Main Division for an Involvement

Step 1

Click in the area where you see Programs & Division in the Involvement’s header. This will open the Divisions Dialog Box.

Step 2

Click Move to the Top beside the Division that should be the Main Division for that Involvement.

Then close the dialog box.


The Select Divisions dialog box is also where you can select other Divisions in which you want to place this Involvement. If you do not see the Division in the list, just type part of the name of the Division and press Search. You can also type in the ID# if you happen to know it. All Divisions that match what you typed will be displayed. Check the box beside the one you want and then press Close to add the Involvement to that Division.

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