Create, Rename or Delete a Division

A user with Org Tagger role can create a new Division and/or assign Divisions to multiple organizations at one time. An Admin user (without Org Tagger role) can also perform these tasks.

How to create a new Division

Step 1

If you have existing organizations that you want to add to the new Division, go to Organization Search / Manage and filter for those organizations, and then select the Management View tab.

If you do not yet have any organizations for that new Division, just go straight to the Management View tab without filtering for any orgs.

Step 2

Select the Target Program. This will be the Program in which you want your new Division.

Step 3

Click the green + Add New button. Enter the name of the new Division. Then click Submit.


Your new Division has now become the Target Division, and you can assign organizations to it.

View this short video to see a demonstration of creating a new Division and assigning organizations to that Division.

Admins Only

If you are the System Admin, you can also create new Divisions by going to Administration > Manage > Divisions from the main menu.

Follow similar steps as above - select the Target Program, and then click the + Add Division button.

You do not assign organizations to Divisions on that page, but you can change or add the Program, and indicate the Report Line for the Week at a Glance Report.

How to Rename a Division

Those with the Admin role can easily rename a division by going to Administration > Manage > Divisions from the main menu.

Simply click on the name of the division you wish to rename and you will be presented with a small editing box where you can change the name. Then click the blue check mark to accept the new name.

How to Delete a Division

Before deleting a division, you will need to move all organizations out of it and to another division. Make sure to search for organizations with an Inactive status that may be in the division.

Once all organizations have been moved out of the division, someone with the Admin role can go to Administration > Manage > Divisions and simply click the Delete button to the right of the division name.