Add a New Guest

You should always add your guests individually to the meeting they attended. You can do this whether you are tracking individual attendance (such as for a Life Group), or entering just a headcount (for a large worship service).

If you use roll sheets and scan the attendance, you can record the guests while you are on that meeting, or you can scan all roll sheets and enter the guests later.

Add Guests while Entering Attendance

Step 1

Complete marking attendance for Members and any Recent Guests (recent guests will display on the meeting if they are within the roll sheet guest weeks)

Step 2

Click the green Add Guests button.

Step 3

Proceed through the normal Search / Add process. If you find the person in the database, click on their name to select them.

Then click Commit and Add to add them to the meeting.

Repeat the process until all guests have been added.

If you do not find the person, go to Step 4.

Step 4

If you do not find the person in the database, and, after searching for the family, you do not find anyone in the person’s family click Add New Family.

Proceed to complete the form, with the personal information first, then, after clicking Submit, complete the family information - home phone and address.

Click Submit or click Add to Last Family if you have another family member to add.


If, after a Family Search, you find an immediate family member of the guest, select any family member by clicking the name, and then complete the information in the form Add New Person to Existing Family. This will put the new person in the correct family while also adding them as a guest to the meeting.

Add Guests after Recording all Attendance

Step 1

Go to the organization that the person visited, and click the Meetings Tab.

Then click on the date of the meeting they attended.

Step 2

Proceed as above beginning with Steps 2 - 4.


If you are adding guests and attendance has not been entered, or if a headcount will be entered later, there may not be a meeting created. If that is the case, follow the steps to Create a Meeting, and then follow the above steps to add the guests. The person entering the headcount or marking individual attendance will click the date of the meeting you created to enter the attendance.

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