Promotion Management

After completing the preliminary steps for Promotion, you are ready to begin making students Pending Members in their new classes. We have a Promotion Management page that makes this process easy for you.


You will need to manage new teachers (those not currently enrolled in an org that is part of Promotion) differently than those who are already serving. See New Teachers below.

See also

Annual Promotion for the steps leading up to this part of the process.

Manage Promotion

Accessing Manage Promotion

We have one page for Manage Promotion, but there are 2 ways to access it. This is based on the user’s role.

Edit Role

A user with Edit role can access this page by going to the Organizations header and selecting Manage Organizations > Promotion.

Admin Role

A user with Admin role can go to Administration > Organizations > Promotion.

Assign Pending Members

Pending as a Member Type is used for Promotion. Please read the definition below carefully, so you will know what to expect when a person is a Pending Member of an org.

Pending Members

A Pending Member is not actually a current member of the organization. Pending Members do not print on roll sheets and are not included in normal reports. This member type is used during Annual Promotion. Before the beginning of the new school year, you will assign students to their new classes as a Pending Members. This does not affect their current class enrollment. Even though they are pending in their new classes, they will still display on the roll sheet for their current class and their current class will display if you are using Check-In. Only after Promotion is finalized will they move from a Pending Member to a Current Member in their new class.

Use Sorting

The Pending classes can be populated very easily by using one of various ways to sort the list. To sort, click the appropriate column heading and then check the boxes for the students you want to move. With the proper sort, you can click the first student, hold down the shift key, and then click the last student in the group you want to move. All of those in between the first and last that your selected will also be selected.

You can actually sort by any of the columns, which is helpful if you are viewing all of your orgs. However, sorting by one the 3 columns mentioned below will make it easy for you to keep those students together that you want to move to the same class.

Sort Methods for Assigning as Pending

Below are brief descriptions of these sort methods, with links to individual help articles about each one. Each article has a video demonstration using that method.


You do not have to use the same method for all your classes. You might use Date of Birth for younger preschool classes, Same Class for Junior High and High School (or for every other grade level in that group), and Mixed for all other classes.

  1. Mixed

    When you click the Mixed header, the system mixes students randomly based on gender, attendance and current class. This option works best when you have a Division for each grade (age group) and you do not want to keep students together for the new year.


    If you want to mix the students but you have several ages (grades) in the same division, instead of sorting by the Mixed header, you will sort by the Current Class column (just click the header) and use the Attendance labels (High, Medium, Low, Gender, and the %) as a guide as you assign classes. You will be able to see the mix you are getting, even though you cannot just go straight down the list selecting everyone in order.

  2. Date of Birth

    When you click the Birthday header, the students will be sorted by date of birth, which allows you to use the month, day and year to keep students together based on the their age. This method works best for preschool classes when you have multiple classes of each age group, and you want to keep those born in the same month(s) together.


    2 Yr. Old Class 1 has students born in August through September of the same year
    2 Yr. Old Class 2 has students born in October through November
    and so forth…
  3. Same Class

    When you click the Current Class column, the students will be sorted by the name of their current class. This method allows you to keep an entire class together for another year. Some churches keep students together for two years and then mix them for the 3 year.


    7th grade students stay together for 8th grade.
    8th grade students are mixed for 9th grade.
    9th grade students stay together for 10th grade.

Promotion Totals Sticky Note

The Promotion Totals sticky note that displays in the top right of the screen provides help when making selections.

Below is an explanation of each total in the above image.

Total at bottom
  • The number on the left (17) = how many students have been checked (selected).

  • The number on the right (33) = how many students are in the total selection for that Promotion group.

Checked Column

These numbers and percents are for only those students who are checked (selected).

Total Column

The number and percent are for the total students in the selection for that Promotion group.

  • Displays a breakdown for those selected and for the total number.

  • The number is a count; the percent is the percent of the total.

  • There are 9 Girls selected out of the total of 15.

  • The 9 Girls are 53% of the total selected.

  • The total number of Girls is 45% of the total number of students.


This provides numbers and percentages based on whether the students are High, Medium, or Low attenders.

See also

Annual Promotion

New Teachers

Each year, you will probably have new teachers coming on board. They will not be enrolled in a current class, unless it is an adult class, so they obviously cannot be promoted. However, you can add a new teacher as a pending member in the org where they will teach. Because these new teachers will not coming from another org in Promotion, they will need to be manually moved to the current tab.

Add Pending Teachers Manually

This is a very simple process. Just follow the steps below. This can also be used if you want to add a student as Pending and that student is not enrolled in a current organization.

Step 1

Go to the one specific organization > Pending tab and select Pending > Add Pending Members.

Step 2

Search for the person, select the name and then click Commit and Add.

Step 3

Click the Member Type to open the Member Dialog. Click Edit, select the correct Member Type, such as Teacher, Leader, etc. and then click Save.


If a teacher wants to stay connected to his adult class, change his Member Type to In-Service in that class.

After you finalize Promotion, you will need to move these new teachers from the Pending tab to the Members tab.

Move New Pending Teachers

Using the following method will make this process go very quickly. This will also help you find not only your new teachers but also any students that may have been dropped from a current org and then added manually to a Pending org. They would not have been promoted, because the process requires enrollment in a Current Org as well as in a Pending Org.


Before you start this process, verify that you have the toggle set to Open Person in new tab. This option is located under your profile picture in the top right of the screen.
Step 1

Create a search (and save it for next year) using the Condition Is Pending Member Of, and select the Program for your Promotion orgs. Run the search.

Step 2

Click the first name in the list which will open the person’s people record in a new tab. Go to Involvement > Pending and click the Member Type. Click Edit and remove the check mark for Pending and click Save.

Step 3

Return to the the tab with your search and click the next name, complete Step 2 and continue repeating until all in your list have been moved from the Pending tabs.

You will only need to do this for those teachers (or students) who were not previously enrolled in one of the orgs included in Promotion- in other words, just your new teachers.

Behind the Scenes

Promotion works by using a one-to-one relationship between a student’s current org and his pending org. When you place a student in a pending org using Manage Promotion or by adding the person directly to the Pending tab of an org, the system puts the org ID# for their pending org as an Extra Value on the student’s Member Dialog for their current org. This Extra Value will not be visible to anyone except a user with Admin role. However, it is that org ID# that is used when you finalize Promotion.

This works a bit differently than it did prior to July 2016.