Promotion Management Using Date of Birth

Before proceeding with this process, be sure to read the help article relating to Promotion Management. It explains the three methods you have as options.

The instructions below are for using the Date of Birth sort for moving students into their Pending Classes for Promotion. This method is normally used for preschool classes in which you have multiple orgs for the same age group, and you want to keep those born in the same month(s) together. However, it can be used for any orgs.

The ministry over those classes can perform these tasks. The roles required are Access and Edit.

After you have verified that Promotion Setup and Promotion Prep have been completed, you are ready to move the students into their Pending Classes.

Video Demonstration

Here is a short video demonstration of using this method when managing Promotion.

To keep create classes based on DOB, go to the Manage Promotions page - Organizations > Manage > Promotion.

Step 1

Select the following:

  • Promotion type / group This drop down menu is populated using the Description from Promotion Setup. Example: 2 Yr. Olds to 3 Yr. Olds.

  • Schedule If you have classes at only one hour you do not have to select this. The schedule will be displayed along with the name and leader of the org.

  • Unassigned Only If you want to filter out any students that you have already assigned to a Pending Class check this box.

  • Exclude Teachers  If you are promoting the teachers with the class do not check this as this will prevent the teachers from displaying in the list.

Step 2

Click the Birthday column (on the far right of the page) to sort by the child’s date of birth, oldest to youngest. Click the Birthday column again to sort youngest to oldest.

After you sort by the Birthday, select the Target Class. This is the class into which you want to promote the students, also called Pending Class.

Step 3

Select all the students you want to move by clicking the box beside each name.


Because the students are sorted by age, you can move straight down the list and select the children to move to the Target (Pending) class. This makes is very easy to keep the youngest children together and so forth. Refer to the Promotion Totals sticky note to see the makeup of the org.

You can click the first person in the list, hold down the shift key, click beside the last person you want to select, and all in between will be selected.

Now click the blue Assign to Class button and wait for the page to refresh. You can uncheck Unassigned Only to view the assignments.

After you have verified the assignments, select Unassigned Only again and continue as above starting with Step 2 until all students within that division/hour have been assigned.


Remember to change the Target class before you assign more students.

Step 4

Either -

Select a different Schedule - if you have classes within that same Promotion Type but a different Schedule - and proceed again with Step 2.

Or -

If you are finished with that Promotion Type, start back with Step 1, selecting a different Promotion Type.

Pending Classes

The assignment is actually putting the students on the Pending tab of their new class. When viewing that tab on the org, you can use the toolbar to send emails, print labels, etc. without including the current members of the class.

When you finish this process of assigning students to pending classes, refer to the Annual Promotion article for your next steps.

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