The following must happen before the TouchPoint Admin can perform these steps and Finalize Promotion.

  1. The students must be assigned to the proper pending classes.

  2. Attendance (including guests) must be entered for the Sunday prior to Promotion. If you have classes on other days beside Sunday, just make sure the meeting prior to promotion has its attendance entered.


The Promote button mentioned in Step 2 below will not be visible until after students have been assigned to classes in that series / promotion type. However, it will appear even if you have not entered the attendance for the prior meetings. So, make sure the Admin and the ministry staff communicate with each other.


Make sure that there is no one left in the oldest grade classes other than teachers. Normally, these will be the 12th grade classes.

Promotion - Finalize

Step 1

Go to Administration > Setup > Promotion

Step 2
  • Start with the oldest promotion series / type (usually this will be the 11th grade to 12th grade).

  • Click the Promote button in the Promotion column and answer the prompt.

  • Wait until you see the message that promotion is completed and the Promote link disappears.


Do not try to click the Promote link for another group until after the process finishes.

Step 3

Proceed to the next series in descending grade order, that is from oldest to youngest until all have been promoted.

Why the order matters

You must go in this order so that each Current Organization is empty (by promoting the students) before you add the new students.

If you do not follow this procedure, you will mix current students with new students.

Promotion Organizations - Adjust Settings

After you finalize Promotion you need to perform a couple of tasks regarding the organizations that were part of Promotion. You need to do this before printing roll sheets for Promotion Sunday.

Step 1

Adjust the Birth Date Ranges.

This will affect the classes that are displayed for guests if you are using Check-In. These can be adjusted on the Organizations > Search / Manage page. You can make this change on each organization or you can filter for the organizations, then click in the date fields and select the new date. This allows you to make those changes on the one page for the orgs listed. See Tip below for another option for handling Steps 1 & 2.

See also

Involvement Settings for Check-In

See the section for Start and End Birthday. You can download the Excel spreadsheet to help you calculate the correct dates.

Step 2

Change the First Meeting Date to the date of Promotion Sunday for those classes. This is in the Settings > Attendance tab of each organization.

Why Change the First Meeting Date?

Changing the date will do 2 things:

  1. It will prevent recent guests from printing on the roll sheet.

  2. It will require guests using Check-In to select a class, instead of displaying the last class they attended.

You do not want a guest to continue checking into a 2nd grade class when he is now in 3rd grade. Nor do you want guests from the previous year (who are now older), to continue printing on roll sheets.


The birth date ranges and the first meeting dates can be changed on the Organizations Excel Export, and then the Admin user can import the spreadsheet to update those orgs with the new dates. Follow the instructions below.

Excel Export and Batch Update

The changes mentioned in Steps 1 & 2 above can be made using the Organization Excel Export and Batch Update. Any user with Access and Edit can perform Steps 1 - 4 below in preparation for a batch update. The system Admin must perform Step 5.

Step 1

Go to Organizations > Search / Manage and filter for the set of organizations you want to change.

Step 2

Select the blue Toolbar > Cloud > Export Excel > Export Organizations.

Step 3

Make the necessary changes on the spreadsheet - Birth Date Ranges and First Meeting Date (and any other changes that are needed).

Step 4

Save and email the Excel spreadsheet to your system Admin.

Step 5

The System Admin will use Administration > Batch Actions > Update Organizations to import the spreadsheet. This will update all of the orgs with the saved changes.