Reset New Visitor Days

This is a Setting that your System Admin can add to your database if you want to change the number of days someone can go between visits to the same class/organization before you consider them to be a new guest again. This applies to those who are not members of the organization. The default is 180 days.

Purpose of this Setting

The reason we have this setting is totally related to ministry - ministering to a new guest vs. ministering to a return guest. If a person waits a long time between visits, we should probably employ the same strategy for him when he makes a return visit as we would for a First Time Guest. Therefore, we need to reset his Attend Type back to New Guest. TouchPoint handles that automatically.

The first time someone attends a meeting for an organization and is not a member, he is assigned an Attend Type of New Guest. The next time he visits (and for other subsequent visits), the Attend Type will be Recent Guest. However, if a person does not visit that class/organization for more than 180 days, the next time he visits, he will be considered a First Time Guest again. In other words, the system will reset their Attend Type back to New Guest if they do not visit with the number of days specified.

You can add the setting to your database and enter the number of days you want someone to go between visits before you change his Attend Type back to New Guest if you want the number of days to be something other than 180.

See also

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Create the Setting

The system admin for your church must create this setting.

Step 1

Go to Administration > Setup > Settings.

Step 2

Click the green +Add Setting button and enter this text: ResetNewVisitorDays.

Step 3

Enter the desired number of days.

1st Time Attenders Report

This report will not be affected if you change the default by adding this setting. This setting is for visits to the same class/organization. So, a person will not appear on the 1st Time Attender report just because we change his Attend Type within an organization to New Guest. Guests will display on the 1st Time Attender Report only once.

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More about the Attend Type for Guests

Changing the First Meeting Date on an organization will reset the entire list of guests for that org. We suggest that you do that for orgs involved in Promotion (that is, those orgs that are based on age/grade), in order to start fresh with guests for the new year.