Alt Name

Alt Name

The field named Alt Name that you see on a people record was designed primarily to be used for Chinese characters. However, you can put English letters as well. The Alt Name displays in various places in the database as outlined below.

Show Alt Name on Search Results

The following require the Admin Setting ShowAltNameOnSearchResults to be in your database and set as true. In these places the Alt Name will display along with the normal first (or Goes By) and last name.

  • Basic People Search

  • Quick Search

  • Search Builder results list

  • PostBundleEdit

Other Places to Use Alt Name

These are not dependent on the Admin Setting mentioned above:

  • Roll sheets - The Alt Name is used if you select Use Alternative Name in the roll sheet dialog box and use the Word version of the roll sheets.

  • Search Builder - You can search by the Alt Name using all or part of the Alt Name using Chinese characters or English letters.

  • PostBundleEdit - You can search by the Alt Name using all or part of the Alt Name with either Chinese or English. See note below regarding partial searches using Chinese characters.

  • Custom Reports - You can choose to add the individual’s Alt Name as well as the Alt Name of the Spouse to any Custom Report.

Search Using Alt Name Contains

If you want to search using part of the Alt Name in Chinese and without having to use the first character, add the Admin Setting UseAltNameContains set as true. This Setting is required to search this way not only in PostBundleEdit, but also in Quick and Basic Search.

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