Grade Field

This field is located on the Personal tab of a people record. The field can be updated manually, through batch actions, with a registration question, or by enrollment in a Main Fellowship Involvement.

The Grade will appear in Member or Group Exports and other reports from the blue toolbar. There is also a Search Builder condition for Grade.

The following Grade-related Settings are found under Administration > Settings > System > Administration.

Toggle to True to be able to add new Grade Levels in the Lookup Codes. Add new Grade Levels or update descriptions at Administration > Setup > Settings > Lookup Codes in the People section. Any system Grade Levels (those that can’t be deleted) will be included in annual automatic Grade Update. Any new Grade Levels added WILL NOT be included.

Update this setting to the date that every child’s Grade will be automatically updated to the next Grade or “Class of” year. The default is July 1 (must be entered as Month name followed by Day)


Grade will only be updated through the Promotion automated process if the person being promoted does not already have a grade on their profile AND the Involvement they are being added to is a Main Fellowship with a Grade value on the General > Settings tab.

When this setting has a value of True, the Grade (legacy) field on a person record will be hidden.

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