Add a New Family Member

You will use this process in the following cases:

  • To merge a newly-married couple into one family

  • To make corrections when you find family members who are not in the correct family in your database

  • To add new members to a family, such as a new baby or a spouse


For newly-married couples who are both currently in the family with their parents, you will need to move one of them out of their parent’s family and then add the spouse to that new family.

Step 1

Find the people record for a member of the family to which you want to add members. That can be anyone in the family to which you are adding someone.

Step 2

Click the + blue Add button. and follow the Search / Add process.

After you find and select the person, click Commit and Add. This will add that person to the family.

If the person is not found, even after refining your search, click Add New Person and complete the process to create a new people record.

Step 3

Verify that each person’s Position in the family is correct. To change the Position, click the pencil icon in the blue badge on that person’s record.


Normally, a new record is added to the database when the person joins / registers for something, makes a visit or makes a contribution. However, you can add a new child or a new spouse to the database using the above procedure if you have that information and if you want them in the database even if they have not attended or joined anything.