Move Person to New Family

Move to New Family (Split)

There are several instances in which you will need to remove a person from one family and into a new family. We call this a split.

For example:

  • An adult child gets married and needs to be moved from his parents’ family, and the spouse is not already in the database in her own family.

  • An adult child moves out of the family home into his or her own apartment or house.

  • The primary adults in the family get divorced.

  • A child was mistakenly put in the family that brought him to church and he needs to be in his own family.

Step 1

Find the person who needs to be moved.

Step 2

Click Blue Toolbar > Gear > Put in New Family, and then answer Yes to the prompt.

Step 3

Update the person’s Family Position, if necessary and make the appropriate changes to his address and phone number.


If you move someone from his parents’ family into a new family, be sure to change his Position from Child to Primary Adult.

At this point, if you need to move other family members into this new family, you can follow follow the procedures for adding a new family member.