Volunteer Management / Review

Users must have the role ManageApplication in order to manage the volunteer application and approvals. With the ViewApplication role, a user will be able to see the application information and any uploaded documents, but will be unable to edit any information or upload new documents. Users without one of these roles can see the Approvals that are checked and the Date of the Background Check, but nothing more.

There are also tabs for Background and Credit Checks. Those require separate roles.`

How to Upload a PDF File

Step 1
Scan the document (the Volunteer Application) and save it as a PDF file on your computer (or on a disc). Be sure to give it a name that will help you know where to upload it. Example: Vol App-Greta Briggs(ID 38)
Step 2
Go to the person’s people record Ministry > Volunteer tab and click the Manage button.
Step 3
Go to the Documents tab and click Choose File. Then go to the folder where you saved the PDF document, click to highlight it and then click Open.
Step 4
Click the Upload button (the name of the file will display in the text box).
Step 5
You can view the document by clicking on the document icon.

FAQ About Volunteer Application Documents

  1. Can I upload more than one document per person?
    Just follow the same steps as above and be sure to give each file a different name.
  2. Can I remove a document that is no longer needed or that gets uploaded to the wrong person’s page?
    Just click the red Delete button below the Adobe PDF icon.
  3. I have existing documents that do not have file names. Can I add a name to the document?
    Just click where you see Click to Edit, type the file name you want, and then press blue Check Mark.
  4. Can I rename a document after I have uploaded it?
    Just click the existing name (triple-click to highlight the entire name) and type the new name. Click the blue Check Mark to accept the new name.

Latest Update 01/25/2021

Update role name ApplicationReview to new name ManageApplication and role name ViewVolunteerApplication to new name **ViewApplication