Upload and Remove Photos

There are several methods of uploading individual pictures to a person’s record:

  • Upload an existing picture using your computer (see below).

  • Take and upload a picture using the TouchPoint app on your iPhone or Android.

  • Take and upload a picture using the Check-in Software with a camera.

  • Take and upload a picture using the Check-In app on an iPad.

Picture Upload Notifications

Every time someone uploads a new photo to a people record, we notify the New People Manager with an email. That email will contain a link to the people record where the picture was uploaded and will also indicate the user that uploaded the photo.

These changes are also tracked on the System > Changes tab on the record where the photo was uploaded.

The purpose of the email notice is so the New People Manager can take a quick look at the photo and make any necessary edits - cropping it or re-orienting it. My Data users can upload their own photos, and sometimes these might be upside down or sideways, or they might need cropping in order to get the full face in the picture.

Another reason for looking at newly uploaded photos is to insure that someone does not upload any photo that might not be appropriate. If that happens, you can easily delete the photo.


Be sure that your pictures are head and shoulders shots, so the person’s face is clearly seen. Also, when using a mobile device make sure you use portrait mode and not landscape when taking a photo of an individual. In landscape, the pictures sometimes end up upside down. If you are taking a family photo and need your device in landscape mode you must have the camera facing away from you and the home button on your right. Even then, sometimes the photos will not be oriented correctly. See below for how to edit photos.

Existing Photo

If you already have a picture of a person, it is very easy to upload it to their record.

Step 1

On the person’s record, click on the picture placeholder.

Step 2

Click Choose File and locate the file on your desktop, flash drive or CD. Then click Open (or double-click to select it). The name of the file will now be displayed.

Step 3

Click Upload.


You can edit the picture in order to get the person’s face centered. After clicking the Pencil icon, move the circle up or down as need, then save the changes.

Removing Photos

If you ever upload a photo to the wrong record, or if for any other reason you need to delete a photo, you can do that as well.

Step 1

Go to the person’s record and click the Pencil.

Step 2

Click the red Delete button and click OK at the prompt.


If you are uploading a new picture, you do not need to delete the old one first. The new picture you upload will replace the old one.

Family Photos

For family photos, you will need an existing picture.

Step 1

On the people record for anyone in the family, click the + blue Add button.

Step 2

Click Choose File and locate the file on your desktop, flash drive or CD. Then click Open (or double-click to select it). The name of the file will now be displayed.

Step 3

Click Upload.


If there is already a Family Photo and you want to change it, click on the photo. Follow Steps 2 & 3 above. You can also delete the existing photo, the same way as described above for deleting an individual photo. However, that is not necessary if you are uploading a new one. It will replace the former photo.

Once you have Family Photos, you may want to generate a Family Picture Directory.

Editing Photos - Rotating or Cropping

Watch the short video below for the simple steps to re-orient a photo.

Rotate a Photo

  1. While viewing the person’s record, click the Pencil below the photo.

  2. Click View Image, which will open that picture in a new tab.

  3. In your browser’s menu select File > Save Page As (or right-click and select Save As) and save using the default name suggested. Pay attention to where it is being saved. My browser settings will automatically save the page in my Downloads folder which is convenient.

  4. Go to the folder where you saved the image and open it.

  5. Select Tools > Rotate Right or Rotate Left as needed, and click Save. Or you can use the rotate tool in the toolbar if it is displayed. Be sure to save the image after rotating it.

  6. Return to the tab with person’s record and click Choose File, find the saved file in your Downloads folder (or wherever it was saved), select it, and then click the Upload button to save the newly rotated image on the server.

Crop a Photo

If the image needs cropping (if you see the person’s hair, but not his chin, or his shirt but not his face) that’s simple to fix as well.

  1. Select the Pencil.

  2. Move the circle until the image you want displayed is inside the circle.

  3. Click Save Crop.

Tips for Capturing Good Photos

A good photo for TouchPoint is one of a person’s head and shoulders, preferably with the person smiling. We want the photo to give those viewing it, whether in the application, via an online directory, or in a printed directory, a good idea of what that person looks like. It needs to be close up enough to do that.

We recommend that you use theTouchPoint Mobile App on your phone to take the pictures so you can upload them right to the person’s record. A staff member can easily visit various classes and use his phone to capture lots of pictures in a short time. Phones now have great little cameras! And, by using your phone, you can easily get the person whose photo you are taking in the right light and the proper distance from the camera. Remember - you want head and shoulders!

Here are a few more pointers for capturing good photos:

  • Avoid having the subject stand with his back against a wall, as the flash will create a shadow.

  • Go ahead and use the flash, especially if you are under fluorescent lights.

  • Have the person’s head take up most of the frame with a little space above the head with the full neck and the top of the shoulders showing.

  • Keep the background simple, not anything too busy.

If you want your subject to smile (and I’m sure you do), try this little trick: Tell the subject to stare at something just to his left and to turn and look at you only when you say the cue. Once he is staring off into the distance say “marshmallow”. He will turn toward you, but with a smile. And you can capture a nice photo that will not look stiff or posed. Any word he is not expecting will work. Just use your imagination to put the person at ease and capture a smile from him.

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