Drop Date

This Condition located on the Membership category tab in Search Builder is looking at the Drop Date on a person’s Member Profile tab. This is the date that the person’s Church Membership was dropped and their Drop Type was set to something other than Not Dropped.

If you are using the Automated Membership Process in TouchPoint, there are several things that will be automatically updated once a person’s Membership is dropped. If you are not using the automated process, you will have to handle these manually.


You can also find membership information (and drill down to the details in Search Builder) on the Decision Summary Report.

Use Case

You want to find everyone who has a Drop Date sometime during 2015. Select GreaterEqual and the date 1/1/2015, and then add the Condition again and select LessEqual and the date 12/31/2015. You might want to add another Condition such as Drop Type.

See also

Drop Type

To find those without a Drop Date, use Equal and leave the Date blank.