Training Months Ago

This Condition, in the Volunteer category tab, will find people based on the number of months since their training was completed. Enter the number of months and a Comparison, such as Greater Than to find those who will need to complete training again.

Most churches require their volunteers to have a new training certificate every 24 months. So using Greater Than 23 would find those needing training.

This date is stored on a person’s record under the tab Involvement > Volunteer in the Training Classes section .

Use Case and Report

Use this search and set it to Less Than or Equal to 1 month to find those who recently completed training.

Those without a Training Processed Date

There may be times you want to find a group of people and see which of them do not have a Training Processed Date on their record. To do that, select this Condition and use Greater Than 1000. There is some smoke an mirrors involved here, but it works!

Latest Update 1/3/2023

Updated to clarify purpose of condition