Search Users

Your System Admin can access the list of current Users by going to Administration > Manage > Misc > Users. On this page is a list of all the users in your database with the following information:

User ID

This system-generated number is rarely needed, but is required for a few settings.


The system generated username for their account.

People ID

This is the person’s People ID #, and is required in the New People Manager(s) setting.


This is the user’s first and last name and is a link to their people record.


If there is a check in the column, they are currently logged on.


This is the user’s primary email address.


This is the date and time of their most recent activity on the database.


This is list of all the roles assigned to that user.


There is also a SQL Report named User Roles your Admin can add to your database.

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Search for Users

You can search on this page by the following:

  • Username

  • First Name and Last Name

  • Role/roles (select from the Roles drop-down menu)