How to Send Texts via TouchPoint

Before you can send texts, you must have completed the steps in the following articles:

See the Tracking Text section below to see how you can know who received your texts.

Send a Text

When texting using the MBT or Twilio integration with TouchPoint, you send texts from your computer directly from your church’s TouchPoint database.

Step 1

Find the people you want to text.

You can send a text from wherever you see the blue Toolbar. That is, from an individual’s record, an Involvement, a sub-group within an Involvement, a Tag, or from Search Builder results.

From the blue Toolbar select Envelope > SMS > Send Text.

Step 2

Select the Group from which you are texting.


You cannot send a text message from the MBT Quick Sign-In group.

In the example below, the group is Church Texts. If you have only one number for texting, you will have only one group.

Enter your Message. If you do not have two-way texting setup, you may want to include DO NOT REPLY. Keep the message brief.


If you enter text that is longer than 1600 characters, it will truncate the text. So, be sure to note the character count before sending.

When sending text messages, you will see a breakdown of who is receiving the text:

  • Existing Subscribers - They are currently opted in for that group.

  • New Subscribers - They have never received a text message from that group before. They will first be sent a compliance message and then opted in.

  • Not Sent - As explained in the image below, they are either opted out of the group, don’t have a phone number, or are unsubscribed to all text messages.

If you desire to schedule the text rather than send it immediately, check the box for Schedule Text? and set the date and time when the text should be sent. Note that the process sending out scheduled texts checks for them every five minutes. So texts may not necessarily be sent at the exact minute they are scheduled, but should be sent within five minutes of the schedule.

Click Send SMS


When drafting your text messages, you will also notice you now have the ability to send a test SMS to yourself prior to sending to the entire list of recipients. This will allow you to double-check your text before sending it out to your entire list of recipients.


Be sure to notice the Subscriber count at the top of that dialog box. Texts will only be sent to Current and New Subscribers, not those who have opted out or don’t have a cell phone number on their record.


Do not copy and paste into the message text box. This may pick up formatting that, once the text is sent, can use more characters than are indicated. This may cause your message to be split into multiple messages. The best practice is to type the message directly into the text box.

Step 3

After sending the text, send a follow-up email (optional) to the same people by clicking the Click Here link.

By following the text with an email, you ensure that anyone who was not included to receive the text (hasn’t opted in or has no cell phone) can receive your message via email. This will be sent to the entire group, whether they have or have not received the text.

Your original text message will display as the body of the email. You can send it as it is, or edit it at that point. Optional: provide additional instruction to opt-in to SMS for those that didn’t also get the text version.

URL Shortening

Any time a URL has the protocol included (e.g., the http:// or https:// prefix), it will be automatically shortened when the text is sent. This includes the Special Links mentioned above, as well as any other URL you enter with the protocol.

Tracking Texts


This page is limited to those with the Admin, SendSMS, or ManageSMS role.

After your text and email have been sent, you can view a report about your message.

Go to Administration > Communication > SMS Messages. This is where you will see a list of the SMS messages that have been sent. If you opted to send the email after the text, you will track those just like any other TouchPoint email.

You can use the Start and End Dates to filter for a date range. The Message you entered when you created your text is what appears to identify your text in the report.

Click the Message link to see a list of those who were in your group of recipients, their cell phone number, whether or not they were sent the text and the reason why, if they did not receive it.

Latest Update


Updated to provide clairty between Twilio and MBT.