Giving Tab

Giving Tab

The Giving tab on a people record is where any user, including a My Data user, can go to print statements, make an online gift, manage recurring giving, change their Envelope or Statement options, or just monitor their giving. This tab has two sub-tabs - Contributions and Statements.

Contributions tab This contains a list of all contributions for that person and/or their spouse, if they give jointly.

If the church has online giving set up there will be buttons for Manage Recurring Giving and Make a One-Time Gift. These buttons are not visible to anyone but that individual.

Documents tab This tab can be accessed only by Finance users and is a place to store documents related to the person’s giving. MyData users and other users without the Finance role will not see this tab, even when viewing their own records.

Pledges tab This tab has a Pledges Summary section at the top which, for each fund, shows the fund name, the amount pledged, the amount contributed toward that pledge, and the remaining balance on that pledge. For any pledge that has not yet been completely fulfilled, there is Fulfill Pledge button that will take the donor to the one-time giving page and have the balance pre-entered in the fund. The donor can pay the full amount or modify the amount before submitting payment.

Below the summary section is a listing of individual pledge transactions that have been made by that donor, showing the date the pledge was made, the amount and the fund. For each entry, Finance users will have three buttons available:

  • Merge allowing the merging of two pledge transactions
  • Edit allowing the pledge amount to be modified
  • Delete allowing that pledge transaction to be removed

Statements tab This tab has two sections: Statement/Envelope Options and Statements. The options can be edited for any record by users with Finance or Membership role and also by any user, including a My Data user, for his record. The Statements section is where a user can print his own Contribution Statement by clicking the year. A Finance user can go to any record and print a statement

A Finance user can also click the amount, which will open Contributions Search. The search page will be filtered for that person for the year specified. This is the easiest way for the Finance user to access the Return/Reverse links.

To Stop Recurring Giving

Anyone with a user account can go to his own record Giving > Contributions tab, click Manage Your Recurring Giving, and then click the Stop Recurring Giving button at the bottom of that page. This will cancel their recurring giving and stop all future payments.


If a donor does not have a user account, he can go to the church’s website (wherever you have posted your online giving links), click the link for setting up recurring (managed) giving, and be sent a one-use link. That link will take him to his recurring giving page, where he can click the Stop Recurring Giving button.

A user with Admin and Finance roles can cancel a donor’s recurring giving by going to Administration > Contributions > Management > Managed Giving and click the Delete button beside the donor’s name. This will cancel that person’s recurring giving and stop all future payments.

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