Managed Giving Report

Managed Giving Report

This report serves a couple of purposes. One is as a management page for the user with both Admin and Finance roles to be able to delete someone’s Managed Giving.

The other purpose is for a user with Finance role to view all those with Managed Giving and verify their settings.

To access the Managed Giving report page, go to Administration > Contributions > Management > Managed Giving.

Delete Someone’s Managed Giving

If a donor asks you to delete his managed giving for him, or if a donor has passed away, the Finance user can go to the Managed Giving page and click the red Delete button beside the person’s name.


Only a user with Finance role can view this page and delete Managed Giving there.

Donors and Their Managed Giving

Any donor with a user account can go to his own record, click the Giving > Contributions tab, and then use the Manage Your Recurring Giving button to make any changes to his recurring giving. If the donor wants to stop his giving, after he clicks Manage Your Recurring Giving, he just clicks the red Stop Recurring Giving button at the bottom of that page.

Contents of the Managed Giving Report

The following are the columns/data contained on this report:

  • Name
    Donor’s name (This is a link to that person’s managed giving details.)
  • Started
    The date the recurring giving began or will begin.
  • Next Date
    The date the next contribution will occur. This is dynamic.
  • Amount
    This is the total of the managed giving for all funds the donor is giving to.
  • Repeats
    This is the frequency of the donations - Weekly, Monthly or Twice a Month.
  • Every
    This is how often the giving will occur for the specified period - every 1 [week], 2 [weeks], etc.
  • Period
    This will be either Week(s) or Month(s).
  • Day 1 & Day 2
    These will be the days of the month that the donor specifies if they choose Twice a Month.
  • Inactive
    If there is an amount in that column, it will be in red and will mean that the person has that amount designated to a fund that is no longer active. See below for more about Inactive Funds.
  • Action
    This is where you see the red Delete button to totally remove someone’s Recurring Giving.


If your list of recurring donors is very long, use the keyboard shortcut Control F and type the name. Then hit Enter to go directly to that name.
Drill down for more information

Click on the donor’s name in the Managed Giving report to see more details of their recurring giving.

Once you’ve drilled down, click on the person’s name again to go to his people record.

Inactive Funds

If you plan to make a fund inactive, you should first run a search to find anyone who has Managed Giving to that fund. Then notify those donors instructing them to manage their giving and remove that amount from the fund that will be inactive. They can instead give that amount to another fund.

You can also look on the Managed Giving Report and anyone with an amount in the Inactive column has managed giving assigned to a fund that has since been made Inactive.

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