Managed Giving Report

Managed Giving Report

This report serves a couple of purposes. One is as a management page for the user with both Admin and Finance roles to be able to delete someone’s Managed Giving.

The other purpose is for a user with the Finance role to view all those with Managed Giving and verify their settings.

To access the Managed Giving report page, go to Administration > Manage > Managed Giving.

Delete Someone’s Managed Giving

If a donor asks you to delete his managed giving for him, or if a donor has passed away, the Finance user can go to the Managed Giving page and click the red Delete trash can icon under the Action column on the row for that donor.


Only a user with Finance role can view this page and delete Managed Giving there.

Donors and Their Managed Giving

Any donor with a user account can go to his own record, click the Giving > Contributions tab, and then use the Manage Your Recurring Giving button to make any changes to his recurring giving. If the donor wants to stop his giving, after he clicks Manage Your Recurring Giving, he can scroll to My Recurring Giving section at the bottom and click the Cancel link at the under the Actions column for the gift he wants to cancel.

Contents of the Managed Giving Report

The following are the columns/data contained on this report:

  • Search Box
    This allows you to filter the results to match any text you type in the Search… field. For example, you can type in a person’s name to see gifts from a particular donor or type in the name of a fund to see all recurring gifts toward that particular fund. You can even see gifts scheduled to process on a particular date by typing in that date.
  • Name
    Donor’s name (This is a link to that person’s giving history.)
  • Started
    The date the recurring giving began or will begin.
  • Ending
    The date the recurring gift will end (optional).
  • Next Date
    The date the next contribution will occur. This is dynamic.
  • Amount
    This is the amount of the gift for that fund.
  • Fund
    This is the contribution fund that the gift is associated with.
  • Frequency
    This is the frequency of the donations - Weekly, Bi weekly, Twice monthly, Monthly or Annually.
  • Action
    This is where you see the red Delete trash can icon to remove that recurring gift.


When a recurring gift fails to process, that row will be highlighted in pink. This could be due to several reasons such as insufficient funds, invalid bank account details, or a card issue (expired, declined, stolen, etc.). The donor receives an email notification of the failure.

Latest Update 3/17/2021

Add note about pink highlighted rows.