Communicate Change - Sample Emails

If your church has been using online giving from a provider other than through TouchPoint, you will need to communicate with your online donors and let them know how to set up their online giving in TouchPoint. They will also need to cancel their giving from the other provider.

If you are not familiar with My Data type of user accounts, you may want to read about them and the various ways they can be created.

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My Data Accounts

The first sample below uses the Create Account email replacement code and is directed at those with recurring giving on your old system. The second sample email uses the Request Password method and is directed at all members.

You can use either method you choose for either group of people. We just want to present a couple of options.

For either of these, you will need to create a search in order to send the email.

Click here to view our playlist of short videos to help you get started using Search Builder.


If you copy and paste either of the emails below, be sure you change the links that contain MyChurch to use the name of your church as it is in your TouchPoint URL. For example: Our home church URL is Yours will have your church name or initials.

Sample - Using Create Account

Because your recurring giving was in a different database, you may need to create a Tag to identify those with recurring giving. Then create a search using the Condition “Has My Tag” and select that Tag. Then you send the email to those people. Be sure to save the search.

A few days after sending the email, you can go to that same search and add the Condition “Has Recurring Giving” = “false” to find those that have still not set up their recurring giving in TouchPoint. Then you can send a follow-up email to those in the results. You can send the same email, just change the Subject to “2nd Notice Re Online Giving Change” or something like that.

In the sample below {first} and {createaccount} are email replacement codes. For those, the recipient will see his first name and a link displaying Create Account or Set Password (if he already has an account).


The {createaccount} email replacement code will work only when sent from a person with the Admin role. So, if you want to use this method, be sure that the Admin user is the sender. However, he can send ‘On Behalf Of’ another user and that user does not need the Admin role.

For example: You may want this email to come from someone in the Finance Office. Just have the Admin user send on behalf of that person.

Dear {first},

You are receiving this because you have been using online giving
to make your donations to our church and for that, we are very grateful.
We are excited about a change that we are making regarding online giving!

You will now manage your giving directly in TouchPoint, our church management system.
This does require that you set up your recurring giving in TouchPoint and
cancel it with our old provider.
We will leave our current online giving provider available for the next 2 weeks,
so please take just a few minutes to complete these simple steps.

Step 1:

Please click this link: {createaccount}. Enter a password and then re-enter it
and press Set Password.

Click Return Home and you will then be logged in
and viewing your people record in TouchPoint.

Step 2:

Click the Giving tab on your people record and select the Manage your Recurring Giving button.

Step 3:

Fill in the requested information to set the frequency/recurrence
(when/how often you want your donations to occur), the start date,
the amounts of your donations by fund, and your bank or credit card information.

Press Submit when finished. That's it!

You will receive an email confirmation letting you know that
you have successfully set up your recurring giving.
Anytime you want to make a change or view your statement,
just log on at

Click here for a very short video demonstrating these same steps,
starting with logging in.

Now that you have set up your giving in TouchPoint,
please cancel your giving with our former online giving provider
or contact the church if you need assistance with this.

Thank you again for your faithfulness in giving to the Lord’s work here at our church.

God bless you


In the paragraph that mentions the video, you can embed the link below which takes you to this 2 1/2 minute video. It demonstrates what to expect when setting up recurring giving.

Sample - Using Request Password

If you prefer, you can email all church members regardless of whether or not they currently give online and encourage them to create a user account. This presents a different method of creating your own account. You can publicize both types of online giving - One Time Giving and Managed/Recurring Giving - as well as mention other benefits of creating an account in TouchPoint.

For this type of email you can create a search using the Condition “Member Status” = Member. You might also want to add a Condition “Position in Family” = Primary Adult. This way you will send only to adults.

Here is a sample email you might send for those cases.


You are probably aware that we have just switched to TouchPoint Software
as our new church management system.
But did you know that with this database your online giving could not be simpler?
Plus, you can create a user account that has more benefits than ease of giving.
It allows you to use your credentials when registering online for any event or class.
You can keep your family's contact and personal information up-to-date.
You can even log on and print your own contribution statement.

Step 1

Click this link:, then click the 'Need Account? Request Password'
link and enter the email address on your record in the database.

Step 2

Watch your inbox for the New User Welcome email. When you receive it,
click the link to set your password,
and then click Return Home.
Now you are viewing your people record.

Step  3

To set up recurring giving, select the Giving tab and then
click the Manage Your Recurring Giving button.
Complete the form to set the frequency, amounts, start date,
and enter your bank or credit card information.

Once you complete that and click Submit, you'll receive an email confirmation.
Your bank information will be securely stored,
so if you register online for something that requires a payment,
and you are logged in, you won't have to enter that again.

You can return any time to make a one-time donation using that same Giving tab,
just select the Make a One-Time Gift button.

And remember, just use this link anytime
you want to view or edit your family's records.
Also, for easier online registration, just click the Log On button and
use your email address (or username) and password.


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