Hierarchy - Programs, Divisions, Organizations

This article contains an example of how to use Programs and Divisions to manage your organizations. You will want to read in more detail how these work, before you begin creating any Programs and Divisions.


This is the hierarchy.

  • Program
    • Division
      • Organization
        Even though Program is at the top, organization is actually the most important part of the relationship.

You will have many organizations, fewer Divisions, and even fewer Programs. You can have all your organizations in the same Program and same Division if you prefer, unless you have hundreds of organizations. In that case, you will probably want something similar to this example.


This is a list of possible Programs (Prog), Divisions (Div) and Organizations (Org).


Small Groups (Div)

  • Group 1 (Org)
  • Group 2 (Org)
  • Group 3 (Org)

Children (Div)

  • Sunday School Class 1 (Org)
  • Preschool Class (Org)


Worship (Div)

  • Sunday morning (Org)
  • Sunday evening (Org)
  • Wednesday (Org)

MUSIC (Prog)

Choir (Div)

  • Adults (Org)
  • Children (Org)

Instrumentalists (Div)

  • Youth (Org)
  • Adults (Org)


Committees (Div)

  • Committee 1 (Org)
  • Committee 2 (Org)

Misc Groups (Div)

  • Group 1 (Org)
  • Group 2 (Org)

Actually it can be more complex than this example. Here are a few facts:

  1. An Organization can be associated with more than one Division.
  2. A Division can be associated with more than one Program.
  3. Therefore, an organization can be in more than one Program.

Use Case for having Orgs in 2 Divs.

Your church has several orgs for each grade. So, you can have a Division named Children for all organizations from Grade 1 through Grade 5, and also have an individual Division for each grade - First Grade, Second Grade, and so on.

So, all First Grade Fellowship Classes (organizations) will be in both the Children’s Division as well as the First Grade Division.

This gives you the flexibility to print roll sheets or reports from Organizations > Search / Manage for only the First Grade classes, instead of having to select the entire Children’s Division.

However, there may be times you need to print reports for all of the classes (1st grade through 5th grade) that are part of the Children’s Division. Assigning multiple Divisions gives you those options. This is helpful when you have a lot of organizations.