New Person Data Entry Tasks

If you have the user role Attendance and/or Edit in TouchPoint that means that you can create new people records. With that privilege comes the responsibility to follow the proper procedures and do your part to keep you database in good order. TouchPoint has the tools to make this easy for you.

New records are added either by adding guests to a meeting, adding people to families, adding members to an organization, or even adding a new donor. This also means that your have the responsibility to complete a New Person Data Entry task about each record you create. These tasks will display on your home page in the Tasks section and will contain the name of the person whose record you created.

There is more involved than just marking the task completed.

Completing Data Entry Tasks

Step 1

Thoroughly inspect the person’s record, looking to see if there are any possible duplicates listed on the System > Duplicates tab.

Step 2

Perform searches for any family members that might be in the database. If found, add the new person to that family.

Step 3

Enter any other information that you know about that person that was not included when you created the record. For example: any related families, work information, etc.


You probably have more information about a person than you were able to capture when you created the record. The Search / Add dialog was designed to help you add people quickly with only the most vital information. However, your guest cards or enrollment forms probably have more information about the person. You should add that information to the record at this point.

Step 4

Only after performing the above steps should you mark your New Person Data Entry Task Complete. This will send an email to the New People Manager.

At that point, the New People Manager will also look over the record and will perform some basic searches looking for duplicates or additional family members. Then the New People Manager will change the church Member Status from Just Added to Not Member.

Let’s look at it this way:

It’s Monday morning and you are entering attendance from Sunday. That also involves adding guests. You add them during the course of entering attendance, so you can keep going and finish everything in quickly. The ministers are waiting to look at the attendance reports!

Now it’s Monday afternoon or Tuesday and things have calmed down a bit and you notice that you have a list of Tasks on your homepage. You see that they are all named New Person Data Entry and have the names of the new records you created listed.

Click on the name of the person listed in the Task to look at their people record. Carefully review the record - verify the address, make sure the Gender and Marital Status are correct, then add any information that you have about that person that was not included when you added the new record.

Look at the System > Duplicates tab and check to see if the system is indicating a possible duplicate record. Check those out to see if there is indeed a duplicate record that should be merged.

Next, perform a search on People > Find page. Look for families with the same last name and the same address. This will help you find any existing family members, so that you can put them all in the same family. If you find another family member, add the new record to that family.

Check the Profile > Entry tab to ensure that the Entry Point information is complete. If there are any Comments that may have been on the visitor slip or guest card add those to the Comment tab.

If you are the New People Manager for your church (a setting in your database), then you receive emails about the above-mentioned tasks for the ‘Just Added’ records. You play a very important role in keeping your church’s data complete.

Remember…we can minister more effectively to our members and guests if we have complete and correct contact and family information.


If you set the EnableNewPersonTasks Setting to False, these tasks will not get created.

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