Scheduler: General Settings

This will provide you with a breakdown of all Scheduler Involvement settings.


Calendar Start
If configuring a specific date range, indicate the first date for this Scheduler. You may optionally indicate a Rolling Number of Weeks instead of configuring a date range.
Calendar End
You may indicate the last date for this Scheduler.
Or, Rolling Number of Weeks
Specify the number of weeks to be included in the Scheduler. Once this number of weeks has been reached, the Scheduler will automatically start over with the same number of weeks. This will essentially keep you Scheduler ongoing into perpetuity.
Indicate a room number, room name or other Location.
Allow Non-Involvement Members
This would allow people who are not already in the Involvement to sign up for one or more time slots.
Link to Share
More information on this coming soon.
Leader Member Type
Select the Member Type for the Primary Leaders of this Involvement.
Limit To Role

This is visible only to a user with the Admin role. You can use this function to make an Involvement private. You would use either an existing user role or have the System Admin create a new user role and select that role from the drop down. Anyone who should be able to view the Involvement would need to be assigned that role.


If you would like something other than the name of the Involvement to display on the registration form, enter that title in this field.
To use an HTML Shell other than the default (ShellDefaultBS), select the name of the shell (created and stored in Special Content). In order for a shell to show up in the drop down list, the HTML file must have a keyword of Shell.
Entry Point
Select the appropriate ministry associated with this Involvement, in order to capture the Entry Point for anyone whose first visit to your church as as a guest to this Involvement or anyone who enrolls in this Involvement online or is added manually.
Login Default

Select your preferred login default. Your options are Username, Cell or Email. The default is Username.


To use the Cell option, you must have your Quick Signin enabled and configured on your database.

Redirect URL
If you would like to redirect this Scheduler to another Scheduler, enter that URL here.
Validate Involvement
If you only want people from specific classes/Involvements to be able to select time slots, you can list the Involvements here. If you have a prerequisite that someone needs to do before they register for this Scheduler, use this option. TouchPoint will check to make sure that the person is a member of a specific Involvement before allowing them to register. If they are not, they cannot register.
Make Names Visible
More information on this coming soon.

Check-In & Attendance

Allow Check-In

Check this box in order for the Involvement meeting to display for Check-In. This can also be edited on Involvements > Search. Click where you see no and change it to yes in the Self Check-In column, then click the blue check mark.

Filter Attendance by Sub-Group

Check this box to allow Sub-Group leaders to be specified on the Sub-Group Members page. These leaders’ attendance rosters will be filtered by Sub-Group in the Mobile App.

Number of Check-In Labels
Enter a whole number for the number of child labels you want to print for each class member. Some of the classes for younger children like having an extra label to affix to a diaper bag.
Send Attendance Reminders

Check this box if you want a text or email message to be sent to leaders of this Involvement shortly before the next meeting (within 15 minutes).

For New Users

Indicate with the checkboxes if you would like to show these particular fields during the registration process. Additionally, if you would like to show them, you may indicate if you would like them to be required. By default, they will not display if the Show box is not checked.

Latest Update 4/4/2022

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