Add Person in Context

You may have arrived here because you clicked People > Add Person from the main menu on your database. If so, then your Administrator has disabled this function. To add a new person, you should do so in the right context. Knowing why and where a person was added to your database, is great information for ministry.

So, if you need to add a new person to your database, look at the list below to see which context fits your need.

The various places you would add a person to the database are the following:

  • Recording a guest’s attendance to a Meeting

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    Add a New Guest

  • Adding a person as a member of an Organization
  • Recording a Contact made when the Contactee is not already in the database

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    Add a Note


    If you make a personal visit to see a woman has attended a ladies class, and the husband is there and you visit with him as well, you would want to add him to the Contact results as a Contactee. You would create a people record for him when you record the results of your Contact. You could even assign a Task for someone from a men’s class to contact him.

  • Adding a new family member


    Typically, you would add the person the first time they attend your church or join an organization. However, if you are notified of a new baby, it is helpful for you to add the child to the family prior to their first visit. The same is true of a spouse when someone marries.

  • Adding a donor while posting contributions.

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What about people who call wanting information about your church, but who have not actually attended? You would have spoken with them on the phone, so create a Contact (record the results of your call), and add that person as the Contactee, if they are not in the database. You might want to create a Task for someone to followup with them to see if they have any questions.


Your church may optionally decide to require certain fields be completed for newly created records and/or for records that are edited. For example, if your church would like to require that First Name, Last Name, Address, and Date of Birth be required for all newly created records, no new records will be able to be added to your TouchPoint database without information in those fields.

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Following the best practices for searching before adding a record, is key to preventing duplicate records in your database. When you have duplicates, you may be missing out on an opportunity to provide the best ministry possible for those individuals.

Using the simple suggestions in the Search Add help article will make a big difference in keeping your database free of duplicate records. Also, follow our easy to use Merge Process when you find duplicate records.


If you are adding a new record because the person made a Membership Decision, you would want to add them first as a guest to the meeting at which they made this decision. Then you can record their decision. That gives you better historical information about that person and their decision.

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