Protect My Ministry - Check Status

This Condition located on the Volunteer category tab in Search Builder relates to the Background Check Status on a person’s Ministry > Volunteer > Background Checks tab. This allows you to check the status of a background check that has been created.

The code options are:

  • Error
  • Not Submitted
  • Submitted
  • Complete


This Condition will return results only if your church is using the Protect My Ministry integration with TouchPoint. This is not the Approval Code, but the actual status of the background check that has been submitted.

Select the Status from the drop down, and the Label (if your church is using labels with Protect My Ministry) and enter a username or People ID # for the person who submitted the request. You do not have to select a Label or enter a username / PID#.

Use Case

If you divide the cost of background checks between different ministries, you can use this Condition to find all complete background checks that were run by a specific user. Then add the Condition Volunteer Processed Date Months Ago to find only those whose approval was changed within the past month. This will be the list of individuals (and the count of background checks) to charge to that user’s ministry.

Latest Update 11/13/2020

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