Ministry Plan for 1st-Time Guests

This is a 7-step plan to help you know how to use TouchPoint to minister to and track your 1st-time guests. This begins with recording attendance.

Step 1

Record a guest attending a meeting, both in a small group or in the worship service. For a worship service, many churches enter a headcount for the total attendance, and then enter the guests as individuals. For other organizations, record individual attendance for both members and guests.

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Step 2

After attendance has been entered for Sunday (including members and guests), find the first-time guests. You can do that by using the First-Time Attender Report from the main menu. This finds everyone whose first attendance to anything at the church was in the past 7 days.

Step 3

Communicate with these guests either by sending an email or creating a Word merge letter. Do those directly from Search Builder when you have the search results from the First-Time Attender Report on the screen.

Step 4

While still in Search Builder, record that you made a Note to those 1st-time guests.

Select the gear icon from the blue Toolbar and then select Add Notes. Complete the form by selecting the Ministry, Type, and Result and checking the appropriate checkboxes. Enter any notes you want to make.

This will create one Note with everyone in the search results listed as the About person and you listed as the Note owner.

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Step 5

While still in Search Builder, create a Task for each of the 1st-time guests.

Go to the gear icon in the blue Toolbar and select Add Tasks. Unlike Step 4 where one Contact was created with everyone listed on it, this process will create a Task for each person in the search results.

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You might want to have a minister that is over outreach perform Step 6, as he will know the best person to assign as the first contact with these guests.

Step 6

Delegate each of the Tasks you created in Step 5. This is done individually for each person in the results list. See Step 2 in the article mentioned above. Be sure to include any notes you want that person to know about the guest that would help him when he makes a Contact.


These Ministry Tasks will require that the Delegate (person making the visit/call) complete the Contact form in order to mark the Task Complete.

Step 7

The next step you may want to take would be for the person that had the Task and completed the Contact about this visitor to Create a Follow-Up Task and assign it to a Life Group Leader for that person to make a phone call or visit. Depending on the results of that contact you may want to add the person as a Prospect to the Life Group.

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As you see, the process uses the following features in TouchPoint:

  • 1st, 2nd, 3rd Time Attenders Reports

  • Search Builder - in this case, you are using a search that is built for you on-the-fly from the Reports Menu

  • Sending Emails

  • Mail Merge Letters

  • Assigning Tasks and Contacts

  • Prospects

Additional Helps

Here are some other help articles that you you might find interesting as you determine the ministry plan that is right for your church.

2nd and 3rd Time Guests

While this document mainly concerns ministering to 1st-time attenders, you can follow a similar procedure to follow-up with 2nd and 3rd-time attenders. You will still begin with the Attender Report from the main menu, send emails or mail merge letters, create Tasks and Contacts.

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