Has Volunteer Applications

This Condition located on the Volunteer category tab in Search Builder will find those in your database that have a Volunteer Application uploaded to their record. These are stored on a person’s record on the Ministry > Volunteer tab.


Until you click Manage, you will not see the other tabs that are under the Volunteer tab. The application is located on the Documents tab. Only a user with Application Review can access those other tabs. Other users do not see the Manage button.

Use Case

You can combine this Condition with the Condition Member Type and select various leader types to find anyone who has been made a leader of an org, but does not have a Volunteer Application on his record.


Having an application or other volunteer document on one’s record is only one indicator that a person is eligible to serve. Some churches only upload the application after the person has met all the other criteria and have been approved. So, you would also want to add the Condition Volunteer Approval Code and select Not One Of and select the various approval codes to find those without a final approval.

TouchPoint has an integration with Protect My Ministry and has Conditions that relate to those processes. You will want to read about that if you are performing background checks at your church and are not using this integration.