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TouchPoint makes it very easy for you to find an individual by using a simple search process that is anything but simple behind the scenes.

Name or ID#

We offer many different options for searching/filtering by this Name/ID field:

  • Type the full first and last name.

  • Use the starting letters of first and last names (separated with a space).

  • Type just part of the first or last name.

  • Search by first name by typing the first name followed by a space.

  • Search by the last name by typing the last name preceeded with a space.

  • Enter People ID.


We search for Goes By, First, and Middle for the first name and the Former and Last for the last name. We also search by Alt Name. If you are searching for someone with a double first name like Anna Grace Thompson, just enter Anna (the first part of the name) and don’t include Grace, otherwise it will interpret the Grace as part of the last name (like Tom Van Horn). See the note below for information on using AltNames.

Email or Phone

Enter any part of a phone number or email address.


Enter any part of the address (lines 1 or 2), or the City, or the State.

Date of Birth

Enter any of these combinations: YYYY or MM or MM/DD or MM/DD/YY.


Select from the drop-down menu, if applicable.

Member Status

Select from the drop-down menu of church member status options.


Select from the drop-down menu - Male, Female, or Unknown.

Marital Status

Select a marital status from the drop-down menu.

Status Flags

Select one or more from the drop-down menu.

See also

Status Flags

Record Type

Select a record type from the drop-down menu - Person, Business/Entity, or Both. By default, Person will be selected.

See also

Add New Business

Record Status

Select Archived, Not Archived, or Both. By default, Not Archived will be selected.

AltName - English and Chinese

If your church uses Chinese characters in the AltName field you may want to add the following Settings to your database. Even if you use English and use the AltName field to store names that do not fit elsewhere you may want to add the first Setting below.

The Setting ShowAltNameOnSearchResults will display the AltName below or beside the last name in the search result both in Basic Search, Quick Search, PostBundleEdit search, and in Search Builder results.

The Setting UseAltNameContains allows for searching by any of the Chinese characters in the AltName field when using the Basic Search. For this, use only the AltName characters without a First or Goes By Name. We also have a Search Builder Condition for using any part of the AltName which works with both Chinese characters and English letters. If you search using the AltName in Basic Search and then use Convert to Search, Search Builder will automatically use the Condition AltName Contains and any other Conditions based on your search criteria.

See also

- Alt Name for more about Search Builder using Alt Name
- Alt Name for more about the Alt Name and all the uses

You can search using as many combinations as you want. If you press the Search button without any qualifiers, the results will be the entire database.


If you are an OrgLeaderOnly user, you will see all the records that you have access to, not the entire database.

Click Search > Convert to Search Builder after you have your search results, to access a search that is built on-the-fly using the criteria you specified. This is a super-simple way to use Search Builder without having to think about Conditions, Groups, or Values. All you do is click Run when you get to Search Builder. Then you can use the Toolbar to send emails, print labels, generate reports, and more.

Play around with People > Find and you will see how quick it is to find the person (or people) you are trying to find.

Click on the name of the person you want in order to view their people record. This will open a new tab, if your Target Person Tab preference is set to On.

There is also a Quick Search box in the top right of the header on every page in TouchPoint, where you can search for a person, an organization, or go to Search Builder: Last Search, Saved Searches, or New Search.

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