Weekly Tasks

This is a list of tasks that are performed by various TouchPoint users. Depending on how your church takes attendance and manages membership, some of these may not apply. Also, your church’s assimilation process may involve different steps. So, this is not an all-inclusive list; it is intended as a very general guide. Some tasks are performed as needed, not necessarily weekly.

Regarding the user roles required for various tasks, please be sure to review the help article that outlines the purpose of each role.


The person recording these must have Membership role and should also have Edit role as well. This user will need to make other changes (address, phone numbers, etc.) to records in addition to recording membership information. Membership information is recorded on the person’s Profile > Member tab.

  • Record church Membership Decisions, Baptisms and New Member Class Attendance.

  • Drop members who have lettered out or gone to another denomination based on notifications from the person’s new church.

  • Email or mail letters to churches for those who made membership decisions, requesting their ‘church letter’ or just notifying the church that their member has joined your church. Record the request date in that section of the Member tab.

  • Send response letters to other churches that have asked for confirmation that one of their new members was a previous member of your church.

  • If you send letters from the pastor to new members, generate the appropriate search to find those who completed their membership process (have a Join Date) in the past 7 days. You can use the Excel export to create a mail merge.

Attendance and Follow-Up

Users must have Attendance role to record attendance and add guests both on the desktop application an on the app. Edit role is required to update addresses and other items on the people records. If you use Check-In, attendance is recorded during that process.

  • Record attendance for any meetings. Normally, Sunday’s attendance would be recorded on Monday morning. Other attendance would be recorded for meeting throughout the week.

  • Add guests to the meeting they attended.

    See also

    Add a New Guest

  • Complete tasks if you created new people records.

  • Trigger Email Attendance Notices for meetings once attendance and guests have been recorded.

  • Run searches for first, second, and third-time guests, in order to assign tasks, send emails, or follow your church’s procedures for keeping up with guests.

  • Assign Tasks about new guests, to be completed with a Contact by lay leaders with OrgLeadersOnly or by staff.

    See also


  • If you have lay leaders making personal visits, print Inreach / Outreach Reports from either search builder or individual meetings.

    See also

    Toolbar Options

  • Maintain organizations, adding new members, dropping members as necessary.

  • Print Roll-Sheets for the upcoming meetings.

  • Print Roster Report or Roster Report Extended for upcoming children’s classes using check-in, so the classroom has members’ allergy information and parents’ phone numbers.

    See also

    Roster Report


The person performing these tasks will need the Finance and Edit roles.

  • Process the offering and create the necessary Bundles.

    See also



    The article mentioned above also contains complete instructions for the Weekly/Monthly/Quarterly tasks associated with Contributions.

  • Record the details (post contributions for individuals).

    See also


  • Run Totals by Fund report for summary numbers for general ledger.

  • Monthly, run the Reconcile Report to reconcile the bank statement with any online transactions.

    See also

    Transactions Log


  • Verify Just Added records, looking for duplicates, making sure the individuals are in the correct family.

  • Process returned mail – changing addresses for families.

  • System Admin or user with Manager2 role can run the Batch Process Find Duplicates